proving a point

As I was going to lunch I saw a big leftover bag flying around on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. It was a busy sidewalk there were a lot of people walking on it. They looked at the bag when they saw it flying, but they did not pick it up. They looked at it, and looked away, like it was a car accident or an ugly baby. It really pissed me off, I felt like screaming “HEY! HEY YOU JERKS! PICK UP THAT DAMNED LEFTOVERBAG!” But that would not be very nice. Instead I proved my point, by darting across the street, full speed as traffic was zooming towards me. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy or suicidal. I was not, I just wanted to get that damned leftoverbag picked up. I did not stop running after I crossed the road, instead I ran right up to that leftoverbag, swooped down, snatched it with my glove, and spun around and ran the other direction, as if nothing had happened. I bet those jerks won’t walk by a leftoverbag again without thinking about that incident.

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