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Latest leftoverbags.com News!

9/13/09: A leftover bag was spotted last night on the streets of Seattle Washington. Could it be yours?

5/03/09: Reusable bags are so IN right now. Do you have one? Probably. Do you need anohter? Definitely.

4/22/09:Happy Earth Day! hope everyone took a moment to appreciate our friend the bag.

3/23/09: SPRING CLEAN UP!!!! April 18th! high noon saloon Madison! BE THERE! (before 2:00PM) We'll pick up the earth and leftover bags.

3/23/09: It's been quite the start of a new year! But 2009 certainly hasn't brought us bag-free streets. Let's pick'm up!

12/5/08: leftoverbags.com was featured in the Wisconsin State Journal. That's exciting stuff.

11/1/08: Wow! Our Quality Reusable Bags are now made from recycled materials. Check them out!

10/30/08: Leftoverbags.com donated $300 to United Way of Dane County Wisconsin! This had a matching donation bringing it to $600 dollars. Woohoo!

10/11/08: Found a bag on the sidewalk today.

8/21/08: Only four months away! Seattle will be charging 20 cents per plastic bag. The only people taking them now are HUGE jerks!

5/12/08: Leftover Bags Protect Your Privacy!
Leftover bags are now leading the fight to protect your privacy from the spying eye of... google.

4/16/08: The Bag Blog
We are starting the new leftoverbags.com blog. Check it out!

4/04/08: Spring Cleanup!
Time for Spring Cleanup 2008. Join the leftover bag crew to help picking Madison Wisconsin. Meet at the High Noon Saloon at 12 noon 4/6/08

2/01/08: More bag bans!!.
More news on cities around the US are getting into the good habit of banning bags. A very respectable and progressive city that does something of that sort!

1/09/08: Welcome to 2008.
Wow! I can't believe it's 2008 and there are still leftover bags to be found on the ground all around.

11/03/07: New Videos & Sticker!!
Added six new videos, and boy they sure are HOT! There are some new stickers you can have for FREE as well. Oooh-Free stickers!

7/25/07: Wow an update!
Yep, we've had an update to lob.com! New layout and navigation, added some videos, and we've began to make some spiffy new quality reusable bags. Oh-My!

3-31-2007: San Francisco
This last week San Francisco, CA took a major step in keeping leftover bags from being leftover. (Read about it here) San Fran banned major retailers from using oil-based plastic bags. We think quality reusable bags would be better, but cheers to san fran!

3-19-2007: Jokes!
Are you ready for some leftover hilarity? Try leftover bag jokes!

03-17-2007: Booze? Bags!?
Some states in the United States require you to take your booze out of the store in a bag. Presumably it is to hide the booze, or a plot to make bags leftover. No, no bag leaving leftover pots here, no one would want that.

01-05-2007: NYELOB Bash!
The NYE leftoverbag bash was a huge success! Thanks everyone for coming and having fun and drinking free beer. Stay tuned for more bags leftover everywhere you go!









Welcome to leftoverbags.com!

Leftoverbags.com is a web site about bags. Bags without a future, the leftover ones.

We use bags everyday, we see them laying face down in the streets and pass by without even a thought. We see them on the sidewalk or hanging from a tree. We collect them, we put them into a drawer or under the sink or in the trunk of our cars. There they are leftover...

We are here to raise your awareness of leftover bags and what a serious problem they have become. We need to recognize the problem and change ours ways and influence those around us to change theirs. Don't let bags become leftover!

bag in puddle
Above: Leftover bag found in puddle.


Quality Reusable Bags!

Made in the USA!

Our bags are made of recycled plastic and recycled cotton!

They feature some amazingly wacky designs by Mr. Robin Lee! Choose the design you would like.

The people, regarding leftoverbags.com quality reusable bags:

"I can't believe how many people ask me where I get such a stylish bag."

"Wow, the leftover bags i save by using my quality reusable non-leftover bag!"

"Holy Sh*t! That's a nice bag!"

With ever bag purchased $1 will be donated to charity!!




Back by Popular Demand! The Amazing Bag Locator
Find long lost loved bags whose leftover life has lead them on amazing adventures!





bag behind bars! bags in a field bunch o bags bag on the street
bag in the gutter bag in a tree bag eating Robin bag in the gras




Hey, Hey you!

You don't need to take a bag every time you make a purchase. You don't need to take a bag at all. You have to make the choice to not consume.

Bags don't want to be leftover, we do this to them. Bags can't fight for themselves, it's up to you to keep them from becoming leftover.






Don't let this happen to your eagle. Please pick up your bags!






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